Roselawn Historical Chapel

The founders of Roselawn selected 160 acres on the outskirts of Saint Paul in a tranquil rolling meadow dotted with magnificent oak, maple, and ash trees. Soon after, under the direction of renowned architect Cass Gilbert, work began on the chapel and administrative building that stand at Roselawn’s entrance. Although Gilbert’s credits include the Minnesota State Capitol and the U.S. Supreme Capitol and the U.S. Supreme Court Building, Roselawn’s buildings display his genius on a smaller, more personal scale. The stone exterior, the chapel’s beautiful fir truss ceiling, the oak woodwork, the stained glass and countless other details combine to show the hand of a master at work. Of Roselawn’s 160 original acres only 110 are in use. Of the remainder, 50 will be used in the future and 10 have been committed to remain in a natural undeveloped state.