Sponsor Fact Sheet


Roseville in Bloom is the first-year public art initiative for the City of Roseville. Twenty 6-foot-tall statues will be on display at the businesses, shops and parks of Roseville during the summer/fall of 2020


  • An opportunity to celebrate 20 Roses in 2020 through a fun event
  • A promotion opportunity for businesses throughout Roseville
  • Excellent social media exposure on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
  • A free event for the public for all ages and economic levels
  • A great way to connect to the community
  • An opportunity to showcase artists from Roseville and throughout Minnesota
  • An opportunity to promote tourism and increase the state economy


You are needed to help sponsor this year’s project Roseville In Bloom: 20 Roses in 2020


Roseville in Bloom statues will be displayed around town at local businesses, shops and parks.


Public promotion and contests run June – September 2020

INITIAL CALENDAR OF EVENTS (subject to change)

  • 20 6-foot-tall rose sculptures available for purchase starting July 15, 2019
  • Artisits turn in design ideas for Roses no later than March 4, 2020
  • January 2020 Sponsors review artists designs and select artist on first come first serve basis
  • February 2020 Reception bringing sponsors and Artisits together
  • March 2020 social media program kicks off w/Design Reveal
  • May – Artisits’ paint off – open to public. Citywide maps available for distribution
  • June – proposed – several roses debut at Grand Old Days parade
  • June all roses delivered to locations in Roseville
  • September – party for artists and sponsor to celebrate and reveal social media numbers YTD

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